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Sunday, September 15 2013

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Somali Buraanbur in Eglish PDF Print E-mail

Buraanbur from Hiiraan Region


Our blessed land rich with precious gold and vast
natural wealth;
To be unheeded, neglected and abandoned in limbo;
All of us flee abroad and appeal for welfare support;
I wonder if that is the national interest of the Somalis!
‘Clannism’ can neither replace state and nationhood
nor succour somebody in the other world.
May God help the resurrection of past glory and unity
of Somali nation under one state.
Disarm now, discard and bury divisive ‘clannism’ for
the sake of peace;
Seek to resolve existing differences peacefully and
intelligently with the pen and not the sword.
Somalis, bury the hatchet, let there be no more slaughtering,
and ordain peace as a priority issue for deliberation.
Anti-peace elements and belligerent men who are yet unprepared for it—
We are ready to challenge them and convince them to
join the peace process.
Somali women, whichever your country of abode, be
reminded of action on this obligation;
Somali womenfolk, strive to keep your
war-mongering men in the bounds of morality.
Wives should preach peace and reconciliation to their
partners at home.
Where are the writers and university professors, and
why don’t they produce peace literature?
Why don’t you propagate and consolidate peace
regardless of your clan origin?
Why don’t you call a comprehensive peace and
reconciliation for the entire Somali society?
The mother as the symbol of a peace forum under the
cool soothing shade of a large tree
Is an old tradition, which the people in still honour
and value.
We are determined and all set in restoring peace and
Humanitarian organizations, please join us in this
local peacemaking venture.
Perennial rivers and vast oceans,
Our land is also endowed with abundant wild game
and domestic animals.
You Somalis, stop internal strife lest our blessed land
fall prey to the external enemy to devour its wealth.
I beg Saatir and Rabi, the ultimate target of human
May God bring down from heaven a tailored solution
to the Somali crisis;
May independent Somaliland and southern Somalia
miraculously reunite within an hour;
May lasting peace settlement be agreed upon and
signed by all actors without one party deceiving the
I pray to God for the Somali people;
I pray to God for the world Muslim community;
I pray to the entire human race on the surface of the
So that they develop relations of mutual feeling of
trust and understanding.

Written by Diirad Desk